Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gypsy fortune teller gives you a psychic reading prediction Gypsy fortune teller gives you a psychic reading prediction for you this Fall. Forget about those 1 800 psychic hotlines, this gypsy fortune teller will give it to you as she sees it. She does not use tarot cards but gazes into her crystal ball and sees into the astral plane and predicts your future.

Zayn Malik Palm Reading

Tony Leggett, the National Examiner Magazine's psychic advisor "Dear Tony", does a palm reading of Zayn Malik of One Direction. Tony is an international inspirer, life coach, and psychic healer / advisor. His website,, provides a way for his followers to interact with him, ask for prayers, learn about the mystical world around us, as well as share their good news from prayer and mystical experiences. Tony is not a fortune teller. He uses a combination of astrology, intuition, palmistry, and ESP to do a personality trait analysis of people. If he gets a feeling while doing a reading he will express it. All palm readings are unrehearsed and unscripted.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Psychic Reading (13.08.2012, Day 67)

I went to see this guy and see what he was saying but some stuff he said i had already thought about and it kinda seems true so i will have to wait and see.

Preparing For A Psychic Reading

BDevine Explains How You Should Prepare For A Psychic Reading,And The Difference Between Phone,Email & In Person Readings :) Have A Free Personal Email Reading With BDevine ! See FREE Readings Link Below

Psychic Roller Coaster

Hanging out at the Santa Monica Pier! I get a Psychic reading with my little sister. We go on the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. A fun day in Santa Monica (except that I lose my new hat)